Wednesday, January 28, 2009

TRAVELS//: [tahoe | northstar]

{photo taken with my bb at the top of the mt. at northstar in tahoe last weekend}

this past weekend was my monthly trip up north to visit my parents. i flew into Sacramento and they picked me up and we headed straight up to tahoe to our family's condo.

Saturday i woke up and my parents dropped me off to go snowboarding at Northstar. it was just me and the mt. of snow spending QT. although because i'm able to go at my own pace i noticed really fast how out of shape i really am. man am i sore... STILL! ha!

note to self: remember to do 100 squats a day a month before the season starts. lol

on a bad note, the airline baggage handlers broke one of the stripes on my board bag.. grr!

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