Wednesday, January 14, 2009

REVIEW//: [blackberry | bold 900]

The day I FINALLY joined the crackberry nation (aka addicted blackberry users) was on November 4, 2008. The very day the new blackberry bold was released by AT&T to the USA. The second day I got the Bold I wrote a small short/early review and I said i'd write another one once i've used it a little longer. Today's that day!

Let me just first off say I'M IN LOVE and with any love it's not perfect but I'm willing to look past the imperfections (for the most part at least ha). I've now had the Bold for over 2 months now and I believe I'm able to give a pretty accurate review about it at this point.

• VISUALLY (exterior): its sleek, clean, the screen is vibrant and I love the faux leather backing. It's easier to grip and a nice texture vs the BB Curve's slippery plastic one, etc., the only thing that's a draw back is the silver border is black plastic painted silver. So when you drop the phone and it dents/chips/scratches the plastic is shows the black.

• GUTS: the new OS is nice and the icons are clean they reminds me of a Mac's. As for applications it seems that BB devices only are allotted a certain amount of space and you can't use the Slot memory card to add to it. Also the OS freezes once in a while and you'll have to do a hard restart which is taking out the battery and putting it back in. the Bold has wifi and bluetooth and it's also 3G. one thing the iPhone has over the BB Bold is that the iPhone 3G you're able to turn off the 3G if you'd like, while on the BB Bold you stuck to using it unless it drops on you and go to the EDGE network.

• SOUND/PLAYBACK: this is one of the things the BB Bold trumps on the iPhone... the speaker on this bad boy is amazingly loud and clear. As for the music playback it now has a previous song/next song button (vs the old curve). The only thing I don't like is that it can't play music I buy from itunes (but I think I read some where now you can... but I'm not sure) which I blame itunes for more than RIM for this flaw.

• EMAIL: this feature is what BB is known for and yet another feature that trumps the iPhone over. Out of all the devices i've owned (which tech only my sidekick and iphone had email) the BBs email system is AMAZING. It's extremely reliable and fast. On the sidekick and iPhone you can wait up to 30 mins to 24 hrs to receive an email. The blackberry works on its own emailing system so it's able to shot you your email right away. LOVE IT!

• MESSENGER: aka BBM aka Blackberry Messenger. Oh how I love thee. for those of you who don't know BBM is I AIM for BB user to other BB users. I never knew how many people I know owned a BB until now. The great part about it is its FREE to BBM unlike AIM for BB thats actually considered text messages. I'm trying to convert all my friend that aren't BB users to do so mainly for BBM reasons and because it's so reliable ha.

• WEB BROWSER: one thing that I loved about the iPhone was it's internet browser and how you are about to control it with the touch screen. But to be honest the BB Bolds browser isn't to shabby. When it comes to mobile browsing to be honest I don't do much of it either way it takes too long to load (iphone and/or bb bold)... I can wait until I get to my laptop or desktop for most things.

• CAMERA/VIDEO: the pixel in the camera is lacking a little (iphones resolution is a tad better), but at least theres a flash (unlike the iphone). I'm still trying to figure out the setting for the camera. The flash is a little harsh on the photos and washes things out at times. the video is also at a tiny qlty, but what do you expect its a mobile phone right?! at least there's a video. yay! (even tho i'll hardly ever use it ever heehee.. just nice to have)

All in all I love the phone. I wouldn't go back to the iphone for nothing (until they come up with a solution for all the things i hate about it now... then we'll see). Personally, its well worth the money. But then again I am a tech geek in a way. It'll be hard to sway me away from being a crackberry addict now! Look even president select Obama can't resist it. haha


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