Monday, October 13, 2008

PERSONAL//: [evolving | change | style]

if you've knew me before i got married, you know that i was pretty much a tomboy growing up (tennis shoes, cargos, t-shirts, baggy jeans, no heels etc). But if you got to know me after i got married, you most likely see me as being very girlie and probably could never picture me as being a tomboy who played basketball and soccer. 

this weekend a friend from back home was in town visiting. we haven't gotten the chance to hang out in years. i met up with him and his friend at a bar on melrose called Village Idiots. he described me to his friend as tomboy and probably wearing a hat... and there i was walking up with a flower in my hear, pearls around my neck and high heels on. haha (don't get me wrong i still ear hats lol)

later my friend said that i was "trying to be girlie". it made me laugh. his friend who i had just met that day said that he thought that i probably grew into being girlie and that it probably comes naturally to me now. it truly amuses me when old friends can't picture me being girlie and my newer ones can't imagine me as a tomboy. Only a handful were actually around during the actual slow gradual transformation or should i say the evolution of my style. 

deep deep deep down inside the tomboy is still there. someone once told me that there's still a hint of the tomboy in my personal style... which make me so versatile when it comes to how i dress. which i like! ^_^ i'm happy with where i'm at in my personal style right now... EXCEPT, man it's not cheap being girlie. i feel sorry for the hubby, because he thought he was marrying a tomboy and look what he got ha. good thing he loves me! lol

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