Friday, October 03, 2008

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for those of you that haven't been reading my old blog , i've started to keep a scrapbook of interior design ideas that i like and want to keep in mind once the hubby and i finally buy a place (which hopefully should be within a 1-2 years).

one of the hardest for me is the bedroom, only because it's the room we're probably going to be spending the most time in. i'm thinking i would like to have it feel like a hotel room. (light bulb turns on) ill check out hotel websites to get ideas on the bedroom decor. why didn't i think of that earlier. ha

i did it the hard way by searching on Google Images but i did come across this cute blog called Inside Avenue that had a cute photo from Metropolitan Home Mag
doesnt this rooms look nice and cozy... a place you could spend hours in?! ^_^


i LOVE this bathroom (above). i love the fact that you feel like you're not in the city and you one with nature. my only main issue would be.. knowing my hubby, he'd run outside around the house and try to scare me and take a peek. (typical daren for ya ha!) although i love what the all white look does, i would probably add a little color... but all in all i love the idea.

i love the colors and the roman shades.

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