Thursday, October 16, 2008

FASHION//: [shoes | i adore]

i don't have much of a shoe collection or at least one that i could be proud of that is. but these are just some of the few that i would LOVE to add to my collection one day.

i've been in love with these Giorgio Armani pumps for a while now some might recognize them from some of my previous post on my old blog . i love shoes that are a little different and that has some character. don't get me wrong i still love classic ones too.

i have some thing very similar but mine are somewhat trendy and less classic like these above. these lace-up booties are by steve madden. they're called Vulture for $110

i want!

i love these Christian Louboutin's Orlan Double-platform sandals.  if you watch Project Runway season 5, these are the shoes that Heidi wears in the opening with the red dress. they don't look too hot in the photo on the left, but they look FAB on heidi... and not just because they're ono heidi. 

any sex and the city fans will recognize these Manolo Blahniks. if not, they were the main shoes in the movie, the shoes Mr. Big used to purpose and the "something blue" when they got married.

i adore these shoes but i think its funny how in the money they were $500 but in reality because it was in that movie they're charging $945 at neiman marcus. awful!

for a long while now i've been in search of a perfect red shoe and these Christian Louboutin's are such perfection.. i want! 

they're not too bright, they're not too pointy.. i love them! too bad they're $700 if only i had that kind of money to be spending on tons and tons of shoes. and get a closet like the one Mr. Big made for carrie. 

now these YSL Tribute pumps are too die for. they're classic, chic and modern all at the same time. this one i really really really want. i might really have to treat myself and fork out the $660 they cost. i adore them so...

these are Marni peep-tie ankle boots. i like that they're different. i love the play with different textures. 

however, i'm not too sure if they're worth $920. 

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