Thursday, October 02, 2008

FASHION//: [halloween | costume]

October is here! which means that halloween i just around the corner.

every year my company (more like the company i work for) throws a HUGE halloween party that pretty much everyone has been to or heard about. last year i couldn't attend because it was a friends wedding (yay! mina and dave). but here are photos from past halloweens....
in 2006 i was a Harajuku Girl and in 2004-2005 i was a pin-up army girl. 
i was thinking of maybe going crazy and just dressing over the top, tons of make-up w/ my hair done crazy and say im walking the runway or i thought maybe ill dress up something like this (image below)
but not so hooched out. i love the head pieces... i'm so bad a deciding what i wanna do for halloween and its ALWAYS super last minute. ha  

any ideas? please keep in mind it's a work function. lol 

1 comment:

  1. those were definitely fun times! i know i'm always a last minute person when it comes to dressing up too!


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