Monday, October 20, 2008

BEAUTY//: [fragrance | perfume]

when it comes to fragrances i by far like the fruity smell more than the flowery scent. in 2003 mina introduced me to my FAVORITE perfume thus far. (versus time for pleasure by versace, shown left.)
top notes are apricot and wild strawberry; middles notes are musk and vanilla
i don't have much left, so I'm trying to ration what i have left.. but soon i should just suck it up and find it some where online and order a ton of it. haha

a new fragrance i wanna smell/try is the new scent by Lanvin called Jeanne. i saw it in i think the October issue of the harper bazar mag. which i don't think has hit stores yet. 
top notes are blackberry, citrus and pear; middle notes are peony, freesia and raspberry; base notes are sandalwood, amber and musk.
i just hope the musk doesnt over power the fruity scents. 
we'll have to wait and see.. or should i say smell ^_^

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