Monday, February 16, 2009

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At the young age of 17-18, most of us have to struggle to find what our next path in life will be. Some go to college, where you have to decide what you want a degree in while others skip school altogether and jump right into the work force.

How are 17-21 year olds suppose to know what the future holds and what career is the right choice for them when they're still learning about themselves and evolving into who they really are?!

I always knew i wanted to do something on the creative side and at the time Graphic Design was a perfect fit for me. which don't get me wrong i still love and enjoy it, but i want more and don't see it as my all time future career anymore. I've Grown, evolved and matured into someone different. my interest have changed and my creativity wants to expand and be more.

I've officially been a graphic designer for 7 year now but how do you drop everything and start at square one again, especially in this economy? Almost 2.5 years ago i had my chance, but then i was offered the job i have now with good pay and i knew that if i didn't take it Daren would be sad/upset. which i don't hold it against him because it's unfair for me to leave all of the financial responsibilities to him even though he's always been very supportive... at least on the outside. ha!

But as each year passes by it gets that much more harder to think about starting over in a new career and with the economy the way it is... it would be suicide to even think about doing something like that now.

Apart of me wonders if I've missed my opportunity and the other part of me wants to believe that it's never too late... i guess only time will tell.

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