Sunday, February 15, 2009

PERSONAL: [weekend | recap]


i hope all of you who celebrated Valentine's Day had a wonderful one. as for the hubby & i, we headed down to Torrance to watch the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic with Morg, Stacy and Pravin. (wait until it comes to DVD, which should be in a month ha)

after the movie we headed back to Pravin's and watched NBA all-star Saturday. which by the way i think D. Howard got jacked.. i think his dunks were so much more entertaining. oh well... N. Robinson was good tho.

for dinner we headed to By Brazil... YUM!


mina and i prayed for clear skies, woke up hella early and head up to big bear to board. it was great! the snow was good, it wasn't too crowded and we jammed out of there before the traffic and got home in time for the NBA all-star game.

i took a nap, but im still drained.. but i have this bad feeling like i'm not going to be going back to sleep any time soon.

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