Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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With me being a apple user/fan and nerd/geek that i am, of course i HAD to get the gen. 1 iPhone when it first dropped. it was new, fresh and it synced up to the apple computers beautifully. but unfortunately with most new products and/or devices there were a lot of things that it lacked (on/off switch for the touch screen, AIM/iChat, copy & paste, reliable email, the list goes on.) they've slowly updated and fixed a few of the issues but in the end the iphone just wasn't for me.

So of course once the new Blackberry Bold 900 dropped i HAD to get it the first day it dropped and if you read my review on the BB Bold you'd know how much i LOVE it.

BUT when i saw this concept on i thought to myself "i might try going back to the iphone if they made this happen." the video iChat was actually one of the rumors that were floating around the iPhone 3G (gen. 2) was going to have it. of course the iphone would have to improve a whole lot more than just a video ichat for me to convert back to it, but that would be a step in the right direction.

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