Monday, February 09, 2009

PHOTOGRAPHY//: [leica | m8]

i'm not a hardcore photographer or anything, but i do love photography. for YEARS now my dream SLR camera has been this beauty above, the Leica M8.

i have to admit, what drew me to the Leica M8 wasn't it's awesome image quality, filters and/or lens (which i found out later are one of the best and most expensive), it was actually the retro body that the kept. i LOVE it. i wish more camera manufacturers brought back their retro bodies.

maybe i love the Leica's retro body because it looks like the old Canon i use to shot with (35mm) years and years ago which was my mom's from when she was younger. if only it was a digital i'd still be using it. sigh!

the retail on this baby starts around $5000 for just the body.

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