Thursday, February 05, 2009

PERSONAL//: [25 random facts about me]

i got this off facebook and i thought i'd pose it here too.

1. always wanted to try living in NYC and/or London for a couple of years.

2. miss my brother everyday, some days more than others. sometimes i shed a tear, but just for a second or two and then i brush it off because i know he's in a better place. (i would've put this 1st but didn't wanna start this off on a sad note.)

3. my parents fly me back to Sacramento once a month ever since my brother passed away 2yrs ago.

4. learned to ski in 1985 (age 5) and got bored, so my brother and i learned to snowboard in 1993 (age 13) and i've loved it ever since. if i could, i'd ride all year around but don't have the funds to do so. so i took up surfing on the off seasons and i'm trying to learn to ride a short board, which its extremely hard. my friends tell me to start off on a long board, but im stubborn! ha

5. can't wait to buy a place of our own so that i can decorate it and call it home. i wish homes in LA weren't so over priced.

6. i'm bad at small talk.

7. was a tomboy before i got married. i think i still have more sneakers in my closet than heels and i'm still trying to work them (sneakers) back into my wardrobe more often.

8. i LOVE fashion accessories (shoes, bags, scarfs, jewelry, etc.) & coats/jackets. one of my ultimate dream handbags is the price of a car and it doesn't even have diamonds on it. o_0

9. my favorite store is Target. i can find EVERYTHING there, even clothes.

10. i don't really like shopping. however, i do online "window" shop when i'm bored and/or looking for something specific. i have to REALLY be in the mood and that's not often. i try to stay away from shopping on the weekends because of the crowds and weekdays i normally don't get off work early enough and/or i'm too tired to go. which is kinda of ironic being that i wanna be a fashion editor/wardrobe stylist some day. it could be the whole money issue too... i can't get tempted to buy things if i don't see them. lol but i LOVE to help others shop. if someone tells me they're looking for something, i have a habit of always keeping it in mind when i do shop and let them know when i see something they might like.

11. 5 people in my family have passed away from cancer. (my brother, grandpa, grandma, uncle and 1st family dog) there's more if you count my extended family. i miss them. may they RIP!

12. gave up the iphone (gen 1) for the bb bold (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT). i think its one of the best decisions i've made. i'm on a mission to convert everyone to the crackberry addicts!

13. i get extremely annoyed/offended when people call/think i'm materialistic. i think most people who say that about me don't know the true definition and should look it up in the dictionary. i can see why people who don't know me would think that i was and yes, i like to live comfortably/well, but material items are not whats most important to me. i wish people weren't so quick to judge people they don't know.

14. hate being late, but i always am. lol

15. wanna win the lotto but never play. ha! (the hubby does sometimes tho)

16. want to be able to cook just like my mother in-law.

17. LOVE drama but ONLY on tv and when it doesn't involve me.

18. was engaged for 3 year and got married at 22 years old. i was asked if we were getting married because i was pregnant by more people than i could count on my fingers & toes and even from strangers... people can be so RUDE i tell ya!

19. even tho i dont want him to know, i've learn a lot from/while being with my husband. it's made me a better person.

20. like to solve problems/figuring things out... especially with electric devices. i like to know what all my devices are capable of and how to use them to their fullest. To be honest, i like learning new things in general. Its helps me evolve into the women I'm going to be next. i like change/evolving its good for the mind, body and soul.

21. miss playing basketball and traveling for games/tournaments. i took for granted how in shape i was back in those days but i'm too lazy to get back into shape. i tried yoga once tho and liked it. but can't find the time to go again.

22. wish i could make my own clothes. i can never find what i'm looking for in stores. i also wish i had time to take some fashion design classes. i'm a sucker for all things creative (photography, graphics, fashion, crafts, etc).

23. hate almost all things healthy. i love food that taste good, my favorite foods are prime rib and korean bbq. also artificial sweeteners give me a tummy-ache. oh and i have a small tummy so i can't eat a lot in one sitting, but i eat all day long.

24. i never leave a balance on any of our credit cards. i HAVE to pay them off in full every month. the "chinese" in me comes out, because i don't want to pay interest if i don't have to. lol

25. my friends and family are most important to me. they've made me who i am today, tomorrow and the next.... without them i'd be nothing. thank you!! xoxo

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