Thursday, February 12, 2009

INSPIRATION//: [happiness | bank]

so today my friend Mina posted this wonderful story on her blog.

it's about a mother who opened up a saving account for her daughter and on her daughter's wedding day she gives her the savings account's passbook with a $1000 deposited in it already.

She told her daughter to keep it as a record of her married life. Whenever something happy and memorable happens in her new life, to put some money in the savings account and write down what it's about next to the dollar amount. The more memorable the event is, the more money you can put in. her mother said "I've done the first one for you today. Do the others with your husband. When you look back after years, you will know how much happiness you've both shared."...

if you'd like to read whole story click here. it's a great read!

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