Thursday, February 12, 2009

WISH LIST//: [ipod | nano]

i have this thing about buying new technology of an item that i already own... can't do it. that is unless it stops working and out dated and i can't get things to function properly, in which case that would still fall under the "stop working" category.

i bought my first and only ipod (photo) in 2004. it was the first ipod to be able to hold/view photos and then it was discontinued 6 months after i got it. for ones that held video and photos.. sigh! great just my luck right?! ha

well for the last couple of snowboarding seasons (thats probably the only time i ever use my ipod) my ipod has been very unreliable. some times it would work, other times it would stop working, one time it erased everything on it, and so on and so on. but i decided to stick it out and hoped it would work when i needed it too. now that i think back, i think it pooped out on me last season too. but i think i only went boarding 2 or 3 times so i forgot about it until i went up to mammoth the day after xmas and all i could get out of it was the folder/face or death. So i've OFFICIALLY have given up on my ipod photo.. FINALLY!

and to save money i thought i'd just use the hubby's old ipod mini when i went up to tahoe to go boarding, but the battery only lasted me an hour. boo! although i love the new nano, the size, the light weight, the new cool features, etc. i think i'm going to be good and just use my iphone as my ipod.... for now! now i just have to remember to bring the adapter for my headphones... sigh.

but if anyone is feeling nice and generous.. i'd love you forever! lol

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